What are IT Services for the Education Sector?

Managed IT Services for the Education Sector is the procedure to administer, support, and monitor educational IT infrastructure through a professional IT Service Provider.

The education sector has undergone a necessary digital transformation in recent years. This dictates the need for an always available and flexible IT system and operations both on-premises and in the cloud.

Our IT Services & Solutions for Education create an easy-to-navigate and use IT system that provides tools and procedures to create an immersive experience both in the classroom and at home for your students, educators and faculty.

IT Helpdesk & Support are essential to a proper and streamlined educational system that creates an appropriate learning experience for your students while ensuring IT cybersecurity.

The modern learning experience for the Education Sector

We enable access to the latest technologies for modern schools and universities, thus facilitating an exceptional learning experience for students, teachers and faculty.

Microsoft 365 Icon

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the go-to solution for an Office Suite, delivering a remote learning experience and collaboration between teachers and students. We can provide and enable Office 365 through our strong partnership with Microsoft and our time-harden experience with private schools and universities.

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Identity & Access Management

Modern schools and universities require a strong but flexible approach how to manage Identities and Access to internal resources and systems. Our IAM solutions provide an easy-to-use and reliable experience of managing this access for your students, lifting off the burden of manual labour.

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Wireless Networking

An always available, stable and robust WiFi network is essential to every school and university. We can design, implement and support such wireless systems, thus enabling high capacity and high availability WiFi for your students and teachers, providing a robust and always-on internet experience.

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Managed Printing

Modern educational institutions should provide a way of printing securely from any device, for any student, teacher or faculty while maintaining the costs at reasonable levels. We provide quality based managed printing services and fleet management solutions for your school or university.

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Data Center

The core of an educational institution's IT system is its data center where all the info is stored and processed. A robust, secure and always available data center is crucial for normal operation. We can provide state-of-the-art data center implementations, support and administration, thus maintaining the availability of your systems.

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Creating and managing a secure IT infrastructure for students, teachers and faculty is an essential component of a successful school or university. Our cybersecurity solutions that extend both on-premise and to the cloud can secure your endpoints, network equipment and servers, providing a safe environment for work.