Dropbox for Business

Dropbox for Business is secure, easy, fast and comes with unlimited cloud storage and unlimited backup and revision history on your files.

  • Liberate your data with seamless sync between devices and Operating Systems.
  • Securely control your data in the cloud to prevent data leakage and unauthorized usage.
  • Easily collaborate with teams in your Business while using shared folders options.
  • Share data throughout your Business and between teams of coworkers in your Business.
  • Unlimited space for your data, backup and the revisions of your files.

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Unlimited Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

With Dropbox for Business you get unlimited disk space. In this way whatever type of data your company has (Videos, pictures, documents etc.), can all fit in your Dropbox account. In this way you can avoid using several devices (External Hard Disks, CDs or DVDs, tape drives) to save and secure your data therefore reducing your IT costs in matters of components in use in your IT infrastructure.

Unlimited Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

With Dropbox for Business you don't have to worry anymore about your data backup. With the innovative automatic sync feature in use, as soon as you save your file, this file will be automatically synced to the Dropbox server at lightning speed and moreover the sync will propagate to all devices connected to your Dropbox account. More to that is your file and its revisions will have unlimited state therefore you can restore files or revisions of files dating years back.

Seamless Mobile Data

Mobile Apps

Making your data mobile is a huge stress for your IT department. Dropbox for Business comes to the rescue to provide your IT staff the tools to easily and effortlessly put your data on the cloud while ensuring the maximum security available. In this way your staff can use their data in an easy way without making any difference if they work inside or outside your business premises.

Intergraded Collaboration

Data Sharing

Working with Dropbox for Business is no difference than working on your PC. One of the major advantages of Dropbox for Business is that it can easily be integrated to any system using it is the same thing as saving a file. The difference is the control you have on your folders and files to share them and collaborating on them as easy as it sounds. No more problem on sharing big or small files either inside your company or outside of it.

Control over your Data

Data Control

With Remote Wipe and data control features of Dropbox for Business you can easily control your company's data without any effort. Additionally to controlling sharing & usage permissions of files and folders, Dropbox for Business comes with full audit report about the accounts under the umbrella of Dropbox for Business and their usage on folders and files. In this way you can really tell what exactly is happening with your data. 

Top-notch Data Security

Data Security

Dropbox for Business comes with state-of-the-art data encryption between communications of the servers to ensure all your sensitive data stay unseen by third parties. Also Active Directory integration, two-step verification of users, mobile pass codes for secure data on mobile devices and full audit logs can ensure that your data is in the cloud securely.